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From A Heartfelt Beginning To A Joyful Journey


“Catherine B. Roy is nothing short of exceptional. As a business coach, she possesses a rare combination of compassion, brilliance, and genuine care for the success of her clients. Her expertise in LinkedIn is unmatched, but her skills extend far beyond the platform. She has a rare talent for helping coaches and business owners shine, attracting their ideal clients and elevating their business to new heights.She is also a dynamic speaker, captivating audiences with her inspiring words as demonstrated in her Ted Talk. With Catherine’s guidance, the sky is the limit for those seeking to increase their visibility, impact and income. Catherine is a true gem in the world of business.“

Kathy Walterhouse, USA

Sales Expert & Coach, $ Close to a Billion Dollars Sold 

“If you want to succeed online and fully utilize the power of social media, Catherine is a person to go to. Her in-depth knowledge, unique expertise as well as incredible generosity and supportiveness truly set her apart and not only make working with her extremely productive and effective but also absolutely enjoyable. If you decide to work with Catherine, you will get much more than just an expert and a coach. You will get an amazing friend, who cares deeply about you and your success. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you want to grow your business online.“

Olesija Saue, EE

Personal Branding Strategist. Social Media Expert. Executive Coach. Entrepreneur. Author. Former CEO of Forbes Estonia 

“Catherine is an outstanding leader and human being. She is very supportive of everyone around her and works to the best of humanity and peace. Catherine has a lot of wisdom and is a great engaging public speaker who contributes a lot to supporting communities and organizations around the world. She delivered multiple sessions to the Microsoft Leadership community with the attendance of 300+ Microsoft Leaders, Executives, managers, and consultants from all over the world and was highly received by the community with 4.8 out of 5 ratings. Catherine is highly recommended for strategic organizations that want to train their employees to grow in leadership skills. Thanks, Catherine for everything.“

Ahmed Zayed, CA

Enterprise Data Analytics Technical Program Manager at, Former Business Transformation Program Manager at Microsoft

“Catherine is one of the most caring, smartest and talented business coaches I worked with. She gave me some amazing insights on how to get my message widely spread on LinkedIn. I couldn’t think of a more experienced and professional coach in this field. She truly walks the talk and has proven to be successful in what she teaches. She is a true expert!”

Barbara Vercruysse, BE

CEO and Founder, Personal Growth and Business Coach, Quality Manager at BMW and Member of the Selection Comitee at

“Catherine is one of the most incredible business and personal growth coaches I’ve ever worked with. She has a rare combination of right brain left brain integration that makes her a rare coach indeed. She’s able to be both inspiring, motivating strategic and knowledgeable in every aspect of succeeding at my business. I highly recommend her as both a coach and a speaker!!“

Tasia Valenza, USA

EMMY Winning Voiceover Artist, CEO and Founder of Give Great Voice, TEDx Speaker and Executive Communications Coach

“Catherine B. Roy’s “Live from Your Heart and Mind” is an exceptionally researched step-by-step guide for improving your life through cultivating balance in your intellectual and emotional states. Catherine’s own personal journey, passion, and unique blend of science and spirituality as an integration thinker will help you discover, that when your heart and mind work together, you can live a fuller and more empowered life, than you ever imagined!"

Bryant McGill, USA

New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author, United Nations appointed Global Champion, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Founder of McGill Media, Simple Reminders Network, The Royal Society, The McGill Peace Prize Foundation and Charitable Trustand

“Where do I start with Catherine. Let me just say that she has a contagious laugh, which means that it is so easy to speak with her as she has a special skill that puts you at ease. I featured on her recently launched podcast and not only did I have fun speaking with her, but countless people have told me how Catherine was such an engaging host and they loved her spirit."

Lameen Abdul-Malik, UAE

Nobel Peace Prize (IAEA) Awarded 2005 | Director of Think FII-Inititute | Coffeepreneur | Intellectual Philanthropist | Lead with Honesty

“Catherine is a truly amazing human being. You may be familiar with the saying ‘Out of every adversity comes the seed of an equal or better benefit.’ Her back story is challenging to say the least. However, her resolve is an inspiration for us all. As well as being an expert in her field, I believe the secret to her success is the unconditional love that radiates from her heart. I feel blessed and grateful to have found her. Magic happens when working with Catherine.“

Mel Eves, UK

Former Premier League Ace, High-Performance Specialist

“I’ve known Catherine for a few years now and all I can say is that she continues to amaze me with all the extraordinary work she is currently advancing as part of her magnificent mission of service to the world. I love her determination and passion. So if you’re looking for a young and experienced leader that can help you on your path toward empowerment, Catherine is the one!"

Roxana Jones, USA

Bestselling, Multi-Award Winning Author and Spiritual Healer

“I was so excited to work with the LinkedIn Wonder Woman herself, Catherine B. Roy. I had listened to her speak a few times in the past year and she impressed me with her wealth of knowledge about how to build relationships and network on LinkedIn.

When I had the opportunity to work with her personally in her LinkedIn Business Accelerator program, I jumped at the chance and found Catherine to be an excellent educator and coach. She over-delivered on content and guidance! I appreciated her logical framework where each step built on the prior step. I also appreciated the patience, kindness and generosity that she showed to me throughout the program. I highly recommend Catherine as a speaker, consultant and coach!“

Jennifer Drago, USA

Senior Strategy Consultant, Podcaster, Author, Speaker

“Catherine exudes confidence and kindness, making her a remarkable individual. Her genuine care for others is evident in the profound advice she offers, resembling precious gems of wisdom. With her invaluable guidance, I successfully launched my coaching practice, thanks to her meticulous and supportive approach. Catherine's tech-savviness adds another layer to her expertise, skillfully utilizing her technological knowledge to pave the path to success. I'm deeply grateful for her unwavering patience and dedication to my business's growth.“

Amar Patel

Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur and Conscious Parenting Coach, specializing in helping you to build thriving relationships in the personal, professional and parenting spaces.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Catherine. She truly is amazing. By focussing on my life’s mission, we were able to create the perfect business plan that is unique to me. Remaining authentic and on the right path. I am now completely clear on what is required and how my business will be able to help people from around the globe. Thank you so much Catherine for guiding me to find the path to create my dreams.“

Kim Wagner, AUS

Transformation Coach | Bestselling Author | Speaker | PSYCH-K® | Mindset & Stress Management Expert | Healer

“Catherine is an incredible business coach with a wholehearted method that is valuable for anyone who is in personal and business development. Her work is very business-oriented yet interconnected with personal development using both heart and mind methods. She explains complex things most understandably, being there as a critical supporter in business and personal expansion. Her calm and assertive personality gives you the knowledge and tools to use in a tailored and unique approach, which was a game-changer for me! I loved Catharine’s generosity in sharing her expertise and providing all the dedication that I needed. Her fantastic personality adds to my remarkable business path experience. I would recommend her as a business coach to everybody on the fast track to business success and personal advancement. I was lucky to have her as my coach during my business journey!“

Aleksandra Plazinić, Ph.D. NL

Top 150 Women Thought Leaders, Executive Communications Trainer, Keynote Speaker, University Lecturer

“Catherine is my most talented and most intelligent coach so far. By working with her, you will have the feeling of relying and becoming more independent and successful at the same time. From the very first meeting with her, you will never be the same again – neither you nor your business. Soon after I started to work with her and started to make first changes, I immediately saw the positive effects of implementing her extraordinary program to my business. She leads her client in a professional, guided, and at the same time humane way towards seeing so many options, possibilities and ways that you knew nothing about before working with her. You will spend every minute working with her writing down her tips because they are so precious. I recommend Catherine wholeheartedly, as a coach, and as a wonderful human being.“

Dr. Milana Zoric, LU

PhD in Cross-cultural Psychology, Founder, High Potential Development Coach

“Catherine is an incredibly talented person. She has a unique blend of intellect and creativity and can engage anyone in helping them to tap into their inner strengths. Catherine is adept at identifying where people are in their lives and helps guide them on where they want to go. She creates a level of comfort and genuineness with those she works with ease. When someone works with her they will find themselves building confidence and creating a road map to the future that they envision while also feeling a great level of excitement for the journey.“

Dr. Paul Kesselman, USA

Director and Clinical Psychologist at Kesselman Clinical Associates

“I recently engaged Catherine B. Roy as a coach and from the moment we started working together, I knew it was one of the wisest investments I have made in my business. Catherine is one of the most knowledgable, gifted, gracious coaches I’ve worked with. She simplifies what can seem like an overwhelming task and provides exactly what you need to position yourself for success. If you are a coach, entrepreneur or business owner, I highly recommend a strategy call with her to see how she may be of benefit to you.“

Elle Ingalls, USA

Founder of Pressure-Free Living, Global Performance and Stress Management Coach, Former Symphony Orchestra Conductor

“I don’t recall when, but at one point, my dear friend Catherine B. Roy contacted me and told me that she thought I could help her make Live from Your Heart and Mind better, to accomplish what LHM set out to do, to use our hearts and our minds to expand our love and our awareness of the divine beings that we are! I could sense Catherine’s essence and the conviction of her efforts and the one and true answer to give her was Yes!

LHM is a force for good, for love, to be a beacon, to help others, to expand love, spread kindness, to make our world a better place each and every day. I believe in Catherine B. Roy, her goals and aspirations and so I do with every fiber of my being, with all my heart and soul, pledge to do all that I can with my talents and abilities to help make her dream a reality! LHM has only just begun. The sky is the limit! Let us grow this Universe to a greater good. All done with LOVE!

LHM Academia is very impressive, it is Catherine’s area of expertise and she has a lot of knowledge to offer us who wish to match our unique service, product or concept with the business model to make it supremely successful!"

Ronald Proulx, USA
Author of Gratitude and a Smile

“I attended the session organized by IIT GUWAHATI on Linkedin recently in which Catherine was our mentor for the session. She is an eloquent speaker with utmost confidence and patience during the whole session. Her story is very inspirational and she is definitely one of the inspirations of all fellow young women in the world. I am very impressed by the learnings given by her in that session.“

Pooja Jain, IN

Coordinator at GirlUp Nitara, UN Foundation

“I highly recommend the coaching I had with Catherine about LinkedIn. I have learned a lot, implemented step-by-step everything she recommended that I do, and in a few short weeks went from having an inactive LinkedIn profile to a happy and healthy profile. Everything that Catherine recommended was pure gold. Her tips and ideas are amazing. In fact, I am so satisfied with the work we had together that I am going to be working with her further.“

Maria Kellis, TH

Leadership Coach, Business Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Best-selling Author

“Have you ever been scrolling through LinkedIn or Facebook and suddenly noticed someone that really got your attention? Someone who stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons? Well that’s how I first noticed Catherine. I stopped and listened and thought who is this wonderful woman who captivated me with her story and her integrity!

Well as I got to know Catherine, I was right, she was someone worth knowing, someone genuine, honest, straightforward and sincere but also there is a reason this lady is a top business coach – she has the knowledge and expertise to take your business the whole way to the top if you want to do that. Her results and awards speak for themselves and I can without doubt tell you from the bottom of my heart that you will not regret hiring this lady as your business coach.“

Mary Oakley, IE

Business Connector, Networking Expert

“Catherine is Fire! 🔥 Having her as my coach has been an exciting journey. Her knowledge, expertise, passion and love for her clients was evident from the first moment. I’ve learned a lot about business, but also about how we can be caring and compassionate when working with people in a variety of settings. In just a few short weeks, following her advice an guidance, I feel like I’m taking the right steps in the right direction to grow my business and reach the people that will benefit from what I’ve learned and what I have to offer. She’ll encourage you, listen to your worries and help you get through those mind blocks that stop you from being who you were created to be. I am beyond happy to have Catherine in my life, I know she’s got my back and I hope she knows I’ve got hers too!

Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend her services. You’ll never look back! Thank you Catherine, from the bottom of my heart! You are a God send!“

Karin Brauner, UK

Counselor and Psychotherapist at KB Bilingual Counseling, Wellbeing Coach, Marketing Coach

“I highly recommend Catherine. She helped me take my massive vision into reality. She has a grounded energy and a kind heart, AND knows her stuff inside and out. She can speak to you about very specific tactical issues, and also see the big picture while helping you create a realistic strategy to improve your business. She is masterful at what she does and I am so happy I hired her as my business coach! Most importantly, she is a kind and loving person that cares deeply about the success of her clients.“

David K. Richards, USA

Education & Learning Innovator, Intuitive Leadership Coach, Podcast Host

“Catherine is an incredible coach who goes over and above to guide and support you. Her knowledge of LinkedIn and social media is exceptional, and Catherine’s success is a testament to this. What makes Catherine stand out from the crowd, is her heart-centered and down to earth approach. Catherine takes the time to connect with you and understand your why so that you feel seen and heard throughout the coaching process. Catherine is a true blessing and is committed to making a real difference in this world and empowering her clients to do the same.“

Sarah Willoughby, AUS

Transformation Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Energy Healer, Infertility Coach

“Catherine B. Roy came into my life at a time that I was in search of a true Master Teacher. As the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In this case the teacher was none other than Catherine which I am truly glad that it was her. Working with Catherine has truly been very enlightening and inspirational to say the least. If you are looking for someone to help you tap into your inner core and find your true message and want to shine like you never have before in life then working with Catherine is your best bet. She is very authentic, open, honest, and transparent and not many people are as such these days. But she is sincerely the real authentic thing. You will find not only in working with Catherine that she gets you but you will find out that she understands you too. I highly recommend if you want to transform, transfigure, and translate yourself from where you are to ultimately where you want to be then work with her. She not only get you there but you will find out later that she already transported you there she was just giving you time in the physical to catch up. I highly, highly recommend!“

Stephen Underwood, USA

Global Human Rights Advocacy, Global Intelligence Strategist and Peacemaker

“Catherine is one of the most amazing, generous and authentic coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has created LHM as a heart-centred space to share her expertise, a perfect blend of heart and mind. I’m glad I got an opportunity to learn some great LinkedIn tips from her. She’s smart, relatable and knowledgable. She shares her expertise generously, supporting and encouraging every step of the way. I highly recommend Catherine and can’t thank her enough for helping me explore LinkedIn.“

Bhavya Gaur, CA

Empowerment Coach, Personal Growth Coach, Keynote Speaker

“I cannot recommend Catherine enough. She is an expert at what she does and she does it with elegance, wit, and grit. Although I have been helping individuals and families for the past several years, I was not able to scale my business and develop a brand for myself that reaches far and wide. Catherine gracefully took me through her well-made system and empowered me to claim my rightful position on LinkedIn. Thank you for your brilliant mind and kind heart! You do “Live From Your Heart and Mind ♥“

Dr. Arayeh Norouzi, USA

Ph.D. in Psychology, Certified Transformational Coach, Mindful Living Conscious Parenting Educator and Speaker, Corporate Mindfulness Trainer, and a Reiki Master

“When I first heard about Catherine I was instantly blown away by her professional success! I admired her from the beginning. I felt an instant connection while going through her website. A year and a half later I had the privilege of sitting with her in person. She has charisma and that cute laughter which I find so beautiful. She is the most humble and warm woman! She overcame so much in this life and still wears a smile and offers us her huge heart. She is a deeply spiritual person and in tune with the universal energy. I felt completely safe and understood. Aside from all that she is the smartest businesswoman I have ever seen! She is the leader you want to follow!“

Hajdana Kostic, ME

Painter and Illustrator

“Catherine’s a master ⚡️ at drilling down to what’s important in messaging & branding, especially with regard to LinkedIn. I’ve gained so much from her expert coaching in just three sessions. She’s kind, wise, humble & super duper smart. I highly recommend her. She’s priced right, wildly efficient & came highly recommended to me. She’s also lots of fun. 🌟“

Judy Julin, USA

Educational trendsetter, Parent & Youth Coach Leading a First Class Professional Support Team of Remote Work/Learn Specialists offering customized solutions for Businesses, Parents & hybrid learning Youth

“Catherine is a brilliant, patient, supportive and extremely insightful business and leadership coach. She has guided me on the importance of developing my own strategic positioning on social platforms in order to grow my business. She has changed my life from a business standpoint in just a few sessions. Catherine is a dream to work with. Anyone who is in business and wants to make a difference, should reach out to Catherine and hire her. There is no one like her! Invest in yourself now. The payoff is worth every cent.“

Sue Decaro, USA

CEO and Founder, DeCaro Parent Coaching, LLC., PCI Certified Parent Coach, Business Coach, Mindvalley Guest Parent Specialist/Coach

“I never thought of working with a coach till I met Catherine. She changed my thinking that you can find everything on social media. Her knowledge on growing businesses online and positioning yourself on social media is superb. Her tools and techniques are not ordinary rather hard core based on science. Catherine is humble, professional and always available to guide you. She is one of the few consultants who generously shares all tools of trade. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you need help in achieving your dreams.“

Amir A. Hamid, SAU

Consulting Director HR at Pepsi, Senior HR Consultant, Career & Development Coach, Psychometric & DISC Assessor

“I was referred to Catherine at a juncture where I needed to channel and present my calling and service to the world but was unsure of how to navigate the most effective platforms from which to launch. Catherine was supportive and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is either starting out or wants to rebrand. I gained a soul-sister in the process and will be working with her on my next endeavor. Thank you Catherine for your vision, dedication, and compassion!“

Faiza Liban-Diamond, USA

CEO and Founder of Global Minded Parents

“It has been a true pleasure working with Catherine and completing her Business Accelerator course.

What I personally loved the most about Catherine and her business products is her straightforwardness and generosity while you are taking the steps the necessary for your professional and personal progression. She is authentic, bold, funny and at the same time is deeply supportive of you along the way. Working with Catherine is like having a lifelong partner you can always put your trust in and rely on. Expect no bs coming your way but honesty backed up by years of CaTherine’s professional experience in the field. Expect to have conversations that open you up to new horizons and ideas. Expect embracing the stronger parts of yourself because Catherine can show you how to engage with your superpowers and make them work to your advantage in the business you choose to do.

Catherine’s concise delivery of all the necessary information, social media positioning techniques and marketing approaches are just what the doctor offered for you to take any business off the ground and expand it. Her course gives a perfect dose of everything you need. The steps are practical and very easy to implement right away. There is no water or extra theory that makes you feel overwhelmed. More so, you would find for her course to go so much deeper, especially if you read Catherine’s book before completing the course.

Using the LHM algorithms from the book Catherine wrote, she helps you connect your own life vision, core values and align them with your business ones that make the foundation of the later so much stronger. Because it resembles what you stand by at your core. And when you feel that what you do is connected to what you truly live by, there is a higher chance of you being fulfilled by doing the work you truly enjoy doing. I do and I highly recommend for you to work with Catherine to help level up your business and lead it in the direction you want for it to go along with yourself.“

Veronika Zaytseva, CA

Digital Sales and Marketing Advisor | Crowdfunding Strategist| Keynote speaker | Career Mentor

“Working with Catherine was the catalyst that massively accerated the still ongoing total transformation of my business. She has helped me to grow exponentially in my understanding of my positioning and ability to be fully present in my work and the Linkedin world. I am still unpacking everything she has gifted to me, and will continue to do so, as with each element of her work, I’m learning more and more about how to be a powerful presence in my own strategy of how I want to work, in the world. Thank you Catherine.“

Cat Knott, FR

Evolutionary Coach and Speaker

“I was amazed that the universe brought me Catherine at just the right time! I knew during the first five minutes of our discovery call that she was the coach for me. Her optimistic attitude, sincere energy and strategic mind have helped build my confidence using video, increase my online visibility and streamline my content creation. I would recommend Catherine to anyone wanting to build an online presence."

Nicole Dauz, CA

Founder of Selfcare4Caregivers, Senior Communications Specialist in Government of Canada

“I met Catherine right before covid! She immediately stood out to me as the amazing leader and soul she is delivering value in a both concrete and very gentle way.

I've taken her Linkedin Decoded course and followed her tips, hopping on calls on a not so regular base. AND IT WAS ALWAYS A BREAKTHROUGH!

I highly recommend working with Catherine. Her fame speaks for her, yet you don't truly know her power until you speak to her! She is a go-to for you leaders, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who really want to level up with a vast range of needed skills, from LinkedIN presence to Emotional Intellingence, t Business structure itself and how to show up authentically. Really a vast range of elements that are for you to expand impact and live a better life on a personal level...

GO FOR CATHERINE ;) You'll Grow!"

Ayrton Giulio Gonnelli

I coach Soul Awakened  Humans to do Inner Work & Practices that put their Soul at the driving seat, for Real-Life Outer Results! 

“Catherine has helped me establish my brand on Linkedin. A year ago, I wanted to start using it but wasn't really experienced so I came across Catherine and her workshop. After the workshop, I joined the course on her platform and loved the content. It was really useful and practical. The knowlegde I gained helped me edit my profile and most importantly, attract new clients. I am really thankful for having the opportunity to learn from her!"

Nevena Mićović

Certified Business English Language Coach | Helping Founders and C-level executives improve their English public speaking skills |CEO & Founder at My Language Avenue | ESL Teacher | Creator of My Language Notebook

“Catherine B Roy is simply an amazing being, extremely professional and a genuine empath. I got to know her on LinkedIn and engage with her on posts. With her personal background, Catherine brought me back to my roots, in my native France where I have my best childhood girlfriend having same descents as her. In her speeches including the TEDX one, Catherine proved to be a resilient person, who loves helping others going beyond their limits. Recently, Catherine kindly invited me to her Goldmine workshop. She gave us true nuggets that I was able to implement quickly. I enjoyed this workshop soooo much. With the other attendants, I felt at home instantly and enjoyed interacting with the group. There are so many aspects of Catherine that lead me to strongly recommend everyone to attend her workshops and team up with her, an exceptional giving being. Gratitude, dear Catherine!"


Dream Enabler Specializing in Strategic Intelligence  | Citizen Engagement & Welfare To foster Citizens Self-Empowerment and Global Uniting 

“I attended the LinkedIn workshop created by Catherine and it was really a GOLDMINE of information, step-by-step instructions, strategies, interactive work, and on spot improvements for attendees profiles. Since I found her page and followed her I was wowed by the great energy she radiates, her achievements and the content she provides. One HUGE thing happened to me while I attended the workshop!!! For the first time ever in my life, I won a valuable prize in a giveaway she prepared for workshop attendees. That is access to the LHM LinkedIn Business Accelerator Program, more than 2500 dollars of classes and content to propel my business. Honestly, I was so so so happy when I got it!!! Huge THANK YOU to Universe and Catherine for this :D because this is a HUGE heads up and it contains incredibly valuable business information that will propel me to where I want to go! Truly an inspiring person to work with and learn from!"

Anastasija Kostic

Visual Artist I Art Direction & Graphic Design I Creative Consultant

“I have just attended a LinkedIn workshop that Catherine hosted, which I highly recommend.

Her detail and frankly honest approach is a breath of fresh air. If you are lucky enough to attend any of her workshops in the future, if my experience is anything to go by you’ll not only learn new tricks but get to meet a young woman who is highly engaging, provides help and clarity - ask Catherine about a personal hashtag, it completely makes sense!

Catherine I thank you for your time it was a pleasure meeting you, all be it via Zoom but you certainly helped me out."

Dave McColl

Audit & lower U.K. businesses’ essential running costs- those being all utilities, cloud telecoms and VoIP solutions

“When I first had a strategy call with Catherine I already knew she was my coach. She was very honest and authentic. During our work together she helped me with clarifying my customer segments, boosting my online visibility and creating content that is truly engaging and provides incredible value. She is a real expert in this field with a huge amount of experience. She has an inspiring and positive personality. I loved working with her and enjoyed every single session. I highly recommend her expertise! Thank you so much, Catherine! Let´s create some magic together!"

Tibor Nagy, AT

CEO and Founder of Mindset Horizon, Certified Mindset Coach and Podcast Mentor

“Catherine is highly strategic, friendly, yet very professional when it comes to business! I had the pleasure to have Catherine as my coach during my LHM Academia classes. She is an incredible business coach and a bestselling author. I would recommend you read her book ‘Live from Your Heart and Mind’. I am so happy I came accross Catherine at the right time when I was about to make a change from a dedicated stay-at-home mom to a freelancer and an enterpreneur. We are so much in alignment and there is yet so much one can learn from the skills of Catherine and her amazing supporting team. Thank you Catherine for empowering me during this amazing journey!"

Dorthi Lekbello, GR

Social Media Manager

“Catherine is a very professional Business Coach who brings your Business to the next level. I´m very grateful to work with her. Everything she does, she makes with passion and devotion. She gave me some amazing insights and guids me through the social media jungle. She inspires and empowers me every time."

Dorthi Lekbello, GR

Social Media Manager

“I’ve known Catherine B. Roy for many years and know that she and her staff at the LHM Academia are amazing online business experts. Her master classes will teach you everything you need to know to set up and operate a successful online business. Here’s an opportunity for people everywhere to become their own boss, have their own business, achieve financial freedom and become a successful entrepreneur!

Catherine has written a phenomenal book and created an inimitable self-improvement system with Live from Your Heart and Mind. And it’s been my honor and privilege to work with her on this seminal project. A balance of superior intellect and genuine humility and compassion, Catherine is the real deal and sets an example for everyone to emulate and be inspired by. She is a professional colleague, fellow poet, deep thinker and philosopher, and a dear, true friend. And for this, I consider myself most fortunate and extremely blessed."

Patrick P. Stafford, USA

Professional writer, editor, poet & journalist; published Chicken Soup for the Soul author, screenplay writer and English tutor and writing coach

“Catherine is an exceptional human being who brings a level of excellence to everything she does in life. Her beautiful energy permeates through every project that she is involved in and she is exceptionally dedicated to making the world a better place for all of us, and for future generations to come. Her writings come with a depth of wisdom that is beyond her years and she is someone that would be highly beneficial in any arena of life. I would highly recommend working with Catherine."

Marie Fay, IRL

Global Thought Leader, Published Author at SRN.NET (Simple Reminders Network), Life Mentor/Speaker, Marie Fay Inspiration

“Catherine B. Roy is one of those rare and glorious souls who beams with truth and inspiration. By sharing her authentic vision and spirit through all her communications and connections, she indeed Lives through her Divine Heart and sharp, witty Mind and empowers countless fellow heroes along the way. I am blessed to Suit Up and Soar with this Xtraordinary Game-Changer of our time and cannot wait to see where her adventure will lead us all next. Up up up and away Catherine!"

Jennifer Maki, CDN

Author of The Mad Hero’s Manifesto, Founder of The Phone Booth Project and Owner of Project YES!

“It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know Catherine and become acquainted with her work. She is a true example of what it means to be living in your light. From my very first contact with her it was clear to me that she embodies the messages she shares. Her compassion and sincere love of all beings are an almost tangible force. Masterful and deeply insightful, her messages are crucial not just for an individual’s success but for bringing forth a greater good on this planet. I am inspired by her work and believe that her continued growth will be benefiting all those who seek her service and beyond."

Estelle Bonaceto, USA

Coach, Counselor, Thai Boxing Instructor, Energy Healer and Author of Guided Transitions Healing and Box Your Way Fit

“Catherine shines a light in this world that touches everyone she meets. When we first met through an on-line group years ago, I could feel her heart-centered mission to help others and was ready to say Yes to anything she felt I could contribute to her vision. Her warm, authentic, and open way of communicating creates an environment of honest creative collaboration. It’s a blessing and joy to be a part of Catherine’s community."

Certified Clinical Musician, Spiritual Harpist and Conscious Self-Care Expert

“Catherine gives her heart and mind with just one aim – to make our world a better place. Her wisdom and kindness are unique and I’m honored to work with her. She is an extremely professional and very accomplished businesses woman who develops great connection with everyone who is given the opportunity to work with her."

Shari Alyse, USA

Founder of The Wellness Universe, Author of Sharing With Shari, Motivational Speaker, Life Inspirer and Vlogger

“Catherine has wisdom beyond her years! Don’t let this young captivating lady fool you… Her heart is filled with love and light and her services clearly reflect a genuine commitment to customer service and quality. Thank you Catherine for inspiring me!"

Anna Pereira, USA

Owner/CEO at Soul Ventures Corp, Founder of The Wellness Universe and Author of Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira

“Catherine is a thought leader and a very dedicated and proficient author in the field of personal motivation and inspiration. Her works and entrepreneurial activities aim to improve humanity by inspiring people to become the best they can be. Her creativity and work ethic are of the highest professional standard and it is an honour to be connected to her."

Uchenna Ilo, UK

Doctoral Researcher, Thought Leader, Philosopher, Motivational Speaker,Social Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author

“Catherine is a living example of “being the change you want to see in the world”. An accomplished author, writer and influential Thought Leader she motivate and inspires her clients and the community, by her wisdom and passion. I recommend Catherine as someone who will align your heart and your mind to fulfill your greatest potential."

Tony Curl, AUS

CEO and Founder of The Coach Curl Academy, Think and Grow Business Coach, Coaching and Empowering Leaders, Thought Leader, Writer, Speaker, Life Mentor

“I want to thank Catherine for letting me be a guest on her podcast. She is a great interviewer, somebody that takes time to prepare for her guests, once we are started she makes the guests feel comfortable and the show itself flew by. I guess time flies, when you are having fun. Thanks to Catherine for all her time and support.”

Timothy (Tim) Hughes

CEO and Founder of DLA Ignite, The King of Social Selling

“Catherine is an amazing and beautiful person, who I have known for years now. She offers valuable insight in the world of social media, business and more. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be on LinkedIn as I learned so much through her about this platform. Recently, I also had a the pleasure of interviewing her for my magazine. I would highly recommend her.”

Timothy (Tim) Hughes

CEO and Founder of DLA Ignite, The King of Social Selling

“Recently we had the privilege to have Catherine to speak as a guest in our YouthUp Empowerment Sessions. She was outstandingly awesome with her approach as she shared very inspiring personal story that captivated all participants. She truly brought positive vibes to the community as we all learnt how to bounce back after a setback. We wish to have her again and again. Thank you Catherine.”

Faith Nwaobia, NGA
Social Selling, Brand Strategist, Content Writer, Career Coach, Youth Advocate, Author

“Thank you Catherine for being a wonderful speaker on the summit that I have hosted for healthcare professionals aimed to empower them to be powerhouses in their careers and passionate people in life. Many participants had wonderful things to say about your style of presentation and your huge knowledge bank in personal branding! Especially using LinkedIn to represent us in the best light! Thank you also for being so supported of me and having me on your show as well. It was truly an awesome experience to share our comment interests in mental fitness to your audiences as well! Looking forward to many more opportunities to come!

I would highly recommend working with Catherine to help growing your business online!”

Sabrina Runbeck, USA

MPH, MHS, PA-C, Podcaster, Coach, Peak Performance Live and Virtual Public Speaker

“I was a recent guest on Catherine’s podcast after she was on mine. Her life is truly inspiring. Many of highly intelligent people I have met seem to find it hard to relate to all people. This is not the case with Catherine. Her ability to combine facts and intuition is what makes her unique. If you are a coach or consultant looking to develop your personal brand – I highly recommend Catherine."

Paul Higgins, AUS

High-Performance Mentor Helping 7 Figure Service-Based Business Owners Build Sales Systems so they can Build, Live & Give

“Catherine is a very thoughtful and kind-hearted person. She has a fantastic and very informative show. Her skills as a business coach are strategic and offer great wisdom to her clients. She knows her craft and performs at the highest level. Excellent work Catherine. Blessings!"

Stanley Tsiamoulis, AUS

The Mathematical Alchemist, Author of The ESP Code Numerology

“Catherine is one of that kind of women that I always been willing to get to know and have in my neighbourhood; smart, simple, intelligent and positive. Honoured and grateful for being able to podcast with her. Lovely guest, Thank you, Catherine!"

Yola Bastos, UK

CEO, Life Coach, Podcast Host, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach

“I enjoyed working with Catherine B. Roy as one of my Keynote speakers for The Create and Evolve Conference. Catherine is a very good speaker who can handle a given topic well, also, her emotional intelligence and empathy are on a very high level too."

Lami Tanko

Creative writer, Social Media Manager and Business Developer

“Catherine Roy is a beautiful woman, even know I have not known her for a long time it almost feels like we known eachother forever… Just experiencing her energy and drive has inspired me that there are still great and wonderful people in this world. I wish I knew 50 different languages to say „Thank you“ in because I don’t think one „Thank you“ is enough to describe how much I appreciate her. Of course I was a little skeptical, but hey what did I have to lose. I have never met a woman like Catherine before, but in a world where there were so many classy women it is easy to fall for the wrong person.

And let me not forget her Academia, oh my God… I just love the approachable format, and the fact that you can choose is what I really related to. When you click into any master class, you will get the whole study format but the choice is yours! And everything is made for YOU! Many people struggle to grab your attention using their talent behind the pages, but Catherine does a great job of catching your eye as soon as you arrive to her… She has mines.

The opportunity to meet with such a diverse type of people in my life has been invaluable but understanding Roy is like being with family; it doesn’t ever feel like ‘i’m some sort of person’. We all strive for excellence in our personal capacity, all my life its been what appeared to be a rollercoaster ride 7 years ago but when I am talking to her, everything is at a peace of mind. What makes Catherine stand out to me is that like her every woman has a stake in a friend’s success. She is very team-driven, and she operates in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. This woman offers an enjoyable, international atmosphere where you can really see results and progress every single day. For me it’s energizing to have a flexible, reliable person on my team, on my side and in heart but at most what catches my mind about her is she can move conversations ahead at a fast pace, without losing quality standards.

But in the future Catherine, I hope that we gaine valuable experiences together and have built up an equally valuable relationship for my peace of mind to yours… So in the end of it all, after talking to her for the first time, I feel as if I met a woman who I would have never crossed paths with if it wasn’t for her amazing personality.

Thank you Catherine, for your amazing life, mind and heart."

Yokas Boslarelli, USA

“Without ever having met Catherine in person, I sensed the beauty, compassion and love within her. Her soul shines brightly with sincerity in all she does. Her site is a beautiful extension of her beliefs about life, with suggestions and information to help you cultivate a happier, more balanced and loving life. To me, she is a light bearer, bringing light to all she touches helping you to shine your brilliant self by expanding your concept of living the life you love."

Heather Corinne Lang, USA

Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Intuitive Life Guide. Author of Namaste Rays™ Reiki, Yoga & Intuitive Guidance

“Catherine is a beautiful soul who is focused on making the world a better place. She has amazing networking skills, focus and persistence. Catherine would be a major asset to any job or writing project. Catherine is up to big things!"

Renae Sauter, USA

College Professor, Lifecoach, Writing appears in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal Bestseller: Simple Reminders

“I’m impressed that a young woman possesses such wisdom. LHM is always encouraging and Catherine has a genuine heart for people. She’s a thoughtful person and shares her wisdom, love and light."

Sheila Willis, USA

Certified Life Coach, Transformation Speaker, and Writer

“Catherine B. Roy is a very accomplished businesses woman, author and artist. Her newest book, “Live from Your Heart and Mind” is just an astounding treatise on how to solve relationship and emotional problems and achieve a richer, fuller life that is full of happiness and success. Everyone should read it and everyone should try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

Ofir Engel, USA

Founder and CEO of Passion Show Records, Intern’t Performer/Songwriter/Actress

“Catherine Roy deserves the title young leader in the world more than I can say. Always positive and caring for others. We need more people like her on this planet! She is renewing smart and will make you see things from a different angle. Proud to be a witness of her story!"

Susan Berkel, NLD

“She is just gorgeous! When I first met her, I just know that she is a great person and that we’ll be good friends. Her honest, childish happiness and incredible life energy makes her sparkly and welcome in every sphere of my life. She brings smile on my face every time I think of her."

Majda Balic, B&H

Professional journalist and photographer

“There is some unconditional love inside her. I remember the time when I mailed and wanted to reach hundreds of ‘personal development’ bloggers and Catherine was one of <5% who took time for me and she didn’t even know me before.What I love most at Catherine is that she speaks BOTH languages. The language of mind and the language of heart. Mind help us to understand and think, heart help us to feel and be spontaneous. Both are needed in the present world if we want to understand our life path and if we want to feel joy in every moment.She helps us to feel the joy and balance in moments we have, cause moment is all we have."

Mat Veni, SLO

Author of Joy Reminder

“Live from Your Heart and Mind I’ve found is a wonderful place where we can express our views and beliefs while we are among friends. We all grow here together with thanks to all inspiration. We are handed our previous generation’s beliefs, but here we can try to shed light on humanity with LOVE and understanding. I can confirm and testify that I’ve found Live from Your Heart and Mind a foundation to explore and find new ideas in my search for my inner growth. I look at Live From Your Heart and Mind as a treasure trove in my quest for spiritual truth. I’ve found friends who understand me and can offer support and guidance, or just a friendly ear when needed. I’ve found here a place to understand my own growing awareness of the differing levels of understanding of consciousness. It’s important to understand at which levels our friends are working from as here we all help each other in our growth and it’s great to know that even if I share key concepts of universal laws there is someone who will understand me. I am very thankful to Catherine B. Roy and LHM team for this beautiful creation they are making. Thank you Catherine, you have given a great service to humanity and the Heavens. Love you."

Billy Chambers, UK

“Catherine is a brilliant writer and caring person who shares her wisdom with others. I was so impressed with her work I featured her in Issue #16 of The Spirituality Post."

Dean A. Banks, USA

“LHM is such a wonderfully inspiring platform and with its fabulous posts and shares truly does remind you how to live from your heart and mind every single day. Thank you so much Catherine."

Alexandra Màiri, UK

Author of Singing From Your Heart

“LHM is a loving community with wonderful people. Catherine is doing a great job and everything she does inspires us all. Keep doing what you do. Your team is awesome. More power and blessings to you and LHM."

Elygean Carolino, SA 

“Catherine is an incredible person. She has created something very special with LHM and I feel so grateful to be part of it. Catherine’s LHM is beautiful, inspiring and loaded with wisdom!"

Julia Hardy, UK

Human Potential Thought Leader, Author of Holistic Pathfinders. With Julia.

“I visit and love Catherine’s LHM daily. It brings me love, joy and gratitude."

Janice Wayne, USA

Human Potential Thought Leader, Author of Yours Mine and Ours Memory Box

“Catherine has an amazing grasp on the integration of the heart and the mind’s wisdom. Her special LHM platform is always inspiring."

Jacqueline Conroy, USA

Counselling Psychological Therapy and Recovery Coach, Author of Jacqueline Conroy Talking Therapies, Founder of Jacqueline Conroy Academy

“Live from Your Heart and Mind is a truly wonderful platform, filled with inspiration and hope. Catherine has created a platform of beauty with motivation and uplifting words for all her followers." 

Marian Juskiw, CA

Author of Light and Love Inspirtions

“I enjoy “Live from Your Heart and Mind” for the inspiration and positivity. Thank you for uplifting my spirit!" 

Leanne Olstad, CA

CEO/Owner and Founder at Leanne Olstad – Transcending Phoenix

“Beautiful “Live from Your Heart and Mind” created by a beautiful soul, Catherine B. Roy. I am so inspired by her beautiful writings, solely written from her heart with so much of love which she puts into her work." 

Rebecca Helen Daniels, MY