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Ex-Programmer With IQ In The World’s Top 1%

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Beat The Algorithm, See Through The Matrix, And Break Free From The Trap Where The Guru Tactics Work For Everyone But You

To my fellow business owner,

Hi. I’m Catherine.

And if I was obediently following the rules of the guru…

This is where I’d share my ostensious credentials in hopes of impressing you into thinking, “This woman is the coach for me! Woohoo! Woohah! Huzzah!”

If that’s what you want, the credentials are here, I promise.

But instead of leading with hype and hooplah, I’ll share a very real story about an unhappy woman who used to be a 9-5 programmer…

“Huh? What’s a programmer got to do with business?”

Well, I’ll tell ya…

Programming is a career where 1 plus 1 equals 2 no matter which way you spin it.

This made sense to my logical brain where I found answers to the toughest problems super quickly.

But what happens when you’ve mastered something?

You get burnt-out because it’s the same thing everyday…


Punch-in, write code, punch-out…

I’d fantasize about a life of freedom where I didn’t have to come into the same office every day and I could travel the world and work from anywhere I wanted…

But bills and piling bank loans kept me otherwise.

So I tried this coaching thing and found that it’s not easy like the gurus say it is…

I bought their courses, did what they told me, but the results ghosted me every time…

Courses, agencies, coaches, you name it and I bought it.

To make things worse, I was diagnosed with a Coxsackie virus that attacked my heart and nerve endings in my feet.

I lived with a lingering headache, could barely stand, and had trouble doing simple things like walking to the bathroom.

When doctors said I might have only 1 or 2 years left I became desperate to live the rest of my life on my own terms…

I researched alternative medicine and my mom suggested a retreat at a monastery.

Call it what you want, but through hope, prayer, or mystic magic…

My time with the monks made me a new person!

Yeah, yeah. I see you rolling your eyes already…

But the reality is that I gained a new belief where my body and mind could conquer anything.

And that’s what I did!

Through faith and perseverance, the disease disappeared…

That experience was a push I needed to start my own business.

And by applying my programming skills to market my business online…

I got more traffic than I could even handle!

Because all business owners want the same thing: to be found online…

But where we mess up is when we post content that PEOPLE want…

While completely neglecting the ALGORITHM.

That’s the missing ingredient.

Because we’ve all done it - spent hours writing an article or recording & editing a video…

Only to share it to an audience who gave it 3 likes, 23 views, and one comment that came from our neighbor.

Go figure, right?

That’s when I started to do things a little different.

I started to not just put out content for people, but also for the algorithm.

That’s when my posts started to get real engagement.

A video here, an image there…

And I found that not only were my results growing…

The results could be duplicated at will where one of my posts reached 1,2 million people.

But also, to be honest, I had no clue what to do with this attention.

I mean, I tried selling products and I did (poorly)...

And it wasn’t until my coach told me, “Forget your other stuff! SELL YOUR METHODS!”

And so here we are… Today, I'm:

💫 Official Forbes Coaches Council member

💫 MENSA member (IQ>156)

💫 Officially certificated by the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program

💫 Microsoft Leadership Enablement Community Speaker

💫 TEDx Keynote Speaker

💫 The Catherine B. Roy Show podcast host

💫 Recipient of multiple thought leadership awards for four consecutive years

💫 Author of the international bestseller "Live from Your Heart and Mind" book

💫 Founder of the LHM System, a holistic approach to personal and professional growth emphasizing love, happiness, and mindfulness

💫 Featured by Forbes, Goldman Sachs, TEDx, Microsoft, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CTV and countless interviews and events.

I knew people needed help so I wrote a book that reveals all the top strategies for getting your content to thousands of people for FREE on LinkedIn…

Introducing... LinkedIn Decoded 2.0

It’s a quick book, without hypey fluff or filler, only the core that shows you exactly how to get the most out of LinkedIn in just minutes per day.

If you’re looking for the best way to grow your network, get clients, and make your posts/name go viral online, using the power of LinkedIn, then this is the book for you.

And no, none of this is theory… It’s ONLY actionable knowledge you can put to use in the 15 minutes it takes you to read it.

Here’s everything in
LinkedIn Decoded 2.0…

  • ​The unknown LinkedIn section that reveals your Social Selling Index (SSI)
  • ​​How to boost your SSI to become in the top 1% of your industry and increase your sales opportunities by 45%
  • ​​The hidden element of engagement that NOBODY is spending enough time on (Hint: it’s NOT your content!)
  • ​​How to hack the algorithm by using the “Magic Number” of hashtags and have your content be visible everywhere (any more or less hurts your reach by up to 50%)
  • ​​When it’s best to use NO hashtags and fly under LinkedIn’s spam radar
  • ​​The perfect time to use a branded hashtag for your posts
  • ​​Why “likes” and “shares” are useless and what to aim for instead
  • ​​A “win-win” strategy for curating content and showing up in the LinkedIn feeds of thousands of strangers
  • ​​The “Precision Comment” strategy that compounds the visibility of your posts and takes less than 3 seconds to finish
  • ​​The most critical time to ENGAGE and why your posts will stay hidden if you don’t take advantage
  • ​​The exact number of times to post per day to get maximum exposure without your account getting flagged
  • ​​The “bare minimum” time you should let pass in between LinkedIn postings
  • ​​Why sharing articles are out, newsletters are in and the magic “copy and paste method” that gets the original author to thank you for sharing their content
  • ​​How to present yourself on LinkedIn, build trust, and grow human-to-human relationships through a media channel where there’s barely any competition (everyone else is afraid to do this!)
  • ​​How LinkedIn counts video views and the minimum watch-time you should always aim for
  • ​​The 3-step copywriting formula that saves you hours of writing and makes it easy-peasy to attract the most active LinkedIn users
  • ​​The underused file share (allowed ONLY on LinkedIn) that drives the most engagement out of everything already mentioned!

With the tactics in This book…

I reach thousands of people on LinkedIn via my daily content.

Global companies have reached out to me via LinkedIn…

Companies like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, ForbesBooks, and the Digital Enterprise Show.

Countless podcast hosts, publishers, magazines and other media outlets…

Prospects and clients reach out to ask about my services…

And in 2020/21, when the economies of the world were shaken by the pandemic, I tripled my business… twice!

LinkedIn has delivered incredible opportunities I’d never have dreamed of…

But it’s not just me…

Here’s What Other People Have Enjoyed From Using These Strategies

"Catherine is one of the most caring, smartest and talented business coaches I worked with. She gave me some amazing insights on how to get my message widely spread on LinkedIn. I couldn’t think of a more experienced and professional coach in this field. She truly walks the talk and has proven to be successful in what she teaches. She is a true expert!"


CEO and Founder, Personal Growth and Business Coach, Quality Manager at BMW and Member of the Selection Committee at

"If you want to succeed online and fully utilize the power of LinkedIn, Catherine is a person to go to. Her in-depth knowledge, unique expertise as well as incredible generosity and supportiveness truly set her apart and not only make working with her extremely productive and effective but also absolutely enjoyable. If you decide to work with Catherine, you will get much more than just an expert and a coach. You will get an amazing friend, who cares deeply about you and your success. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you want to grow your business online."


Personal Branding Strategist, Social Media Expert, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Former CEO of Forbes Estonia

"Catherine is one of the most incredible business and personal growth coaches I’ve ever worked with. She has a rare combination of right brain left brain integration that makes her a rare coach indeed. She’s able to be both inspiring, motivating, strategic and knowledgeable in every aspect of succeeding at my business."


EMMY Winning Voiceover Artist, CEO and Founder of Give Great Voice, TEDx Speaker and Executive Communications Coach

PLUS 3 Bonus Formulas You’ll Get For FREE

I know you need help and that’s where things get tricky.

Because there’s so much guru content everywhere, right?

It’s hard to know what’s important.

So I’ve made it even easier by adding 3 bonus formulas that’ll get you in the fast-lane to freedom even easier.

Bonus #1

Attractive Bio Formula 2.0 ($297 value)

Your profile is the first thing people read about you and it's the most important part about using LinkedIn for your business. If you want to stand out from the crowd or attract more clients, you need a captivating bio that grabs their attention. This bonus will help you create an amazing professional biography in minutes! This will save you time and get results fast with bio examples you can use as templates, replace the content with yours and poof, you’re good to go! And not just that, these BIO templates you can use for your website, social media, pitches to investors, podcasters, media! There are no limits.

Bonus #2

Powerful Video Formula 2.0 ($297 value)

Video marketing is a great way to attract new customers, the only problem is it’s hard to keep viewers engaged. I've created a video formula that shows you how to convert your video viewers into email subscribers or make them book a call with you, from any platform. It’s the template I use for all of my videos that takes the viewer through three steps (problem, agitate and solution) and leaves them wanting more where the only place to get it is through signing up with YOU.

Bonus #3

Press Release Formula 2.0 ($397 value)

You’ve spent countless hours working on your business. You’ve worked hard to build a product or service that’ll help people and NOW is the time for you to get the word out. That’s why a press release should be one of your top priorities if you want to spread awareness. The last formula is a walkthrough of my own press release that you can use to launch your business to success.

LinkedIn Decoded 2.0 AND almost $1.000 Worth In FREE Bonuses Could Easily Sell For $250

But if you get it on this page…

You’ll get everything for only $4.99

No joke.

Only $4.99 is all it takes to get instant access to everything above.

“No Way, Just $4.99!? What’s The Catch!?”

Ahh there’s the skeptic!

I know this low price makes you put your guard up.

Again, I’ll use honesty to diffuse your concerns, okay?

Here’s why a $4.99 pricetag makes sense:

But that’s it…

No hidden fees, no shenanigans, just the content you need to get the results you want.


Here’s one last thing in case you’re still worried.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

My book is jam-packed with advice you can put to use immediately.

And it’s quick too! You can finish the whole thing in 10 minutes.

But if you go through it and are like, “There’s not enough GOOD STUFF in here!”

Tell me and I'll refund your 100% of your money while letting you keep the book and bonuses as a thank you for giving a girl a chance to impress you.

Get LinkedIn Decoded 2.0 NOW To Get Infinite Growth & Achieve Freedom Through LinkedIn

Every day I open my LinkedIn to a full inbox of connection requests and inquiries about my business.

I get that by posting smart content that people like while ALSO hacking the algorithm with the tricks revealed in my book.

My clients get similar results and I’m excited about the lives I’m changing…

And this could be you too!

But right now, YOU have to decide.

Will you:

(A) Invest only $4.99 to get instant access to and worth of bonuses to reach your prospects, enroll your best clients, and upgrade the look of your business forever.

(B) Pass on this now and risk missing out on a short book that can potentially change how you feel about your business.

Imagine Having Crazy Connection Requests Coming In From LinkedIn Prospects All Asking About Your Offers?

My dear friends…


You know my story and even though I don’t know you yet…

I already know you can do this because if you follow my advice, you’ll see that it’s not as hard as the gurus made it out to be!

Thanks for reading and best of luck in the growth of your business.

With love,

Catherine B. Roy


Scrolled down to the bottom didn’t you?

That means you’re busy so here’s a recap.

I’m offering my “no fluff or filler” ebook that shares my best tactics for going viral online, using the power of LinkedIn.

Finish my book in less than 10 minutes and have strategies you can use for a lifetime.

PLUS in bonuses that’ll show you X, Y, and Z…

There’s enough in here to get you started, and even though I should be selling everything for at least $250…

You only need to invest $4.99 to get instant access to the book and everything else I mentioned.

This is my humble attempt to impress you and if you think that’s worth it, click below to get it while this offer is still valid.

With grace!


Catherine B. Roy

Catherine B. Roy is internationally recognized Business and Personal Growth Coach and Bestselling Author. She is a MENSA member with an IQ > 156 which qualifies her to be in the less than 1% of the human population.

Catherine is a former Forbes Coaches Council Member, also officially certified by the Goldman Sachs 10.000 Women Program and enjoys the distinction of receiving the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in Future at Work, Top 100 Women B2B Thought Leaders, Top 100 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in B2B and Top 30 Under 30 Young Leaders awards.

Catherine is also an experienced business entrepreneur & IT expert for the last 17 years, as well as a linguistics researcher with published scientific works in the fields of communication, speech and media manipulation & psycho-linguistics.

Catherine is certified in the fields of NLP, positive psychology, assertive behavior, emotional behavior and emotional intelligence (EQ).

As the bestselling author of “Live from Your Heart and Mind” which hit the bestseller lists on its release day, Catherine is the guiding force behind the LHM team, its vast community and system for increasing a person’s emotional and intellectual capacity. Catherine’s most popular quote reached 1,2M people in less than 10 hours.

Catherine has only one mission: To help you do what you love and make your dream business flourish.

She loves nature and she has a knack for seeing patterns that others don’t typically notice. In her free time, she loves playing with her son and teasing her husband about his funny English accent.


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