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  • ​Be seen and unlock unlimited potential
  • ​Create and multiply passive revenue streams 
  • ​Put down the weight and let cutting-edge tech do it for you
  • ​Plan. Create. Execute. 

Catherine B. Roy

Webclass Leader and Business Growth Innovator

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What Lies Ahead:

  • Be seen and unlock unlimited potential: Discover the power of a compelling personal brand and how it can open doors to boundless networking opportunities, online and mainstream media visibility.
  • Create and multiply passive revenue streams: Explore diverse revenue streams, from captivating e-products to the creation and execution of high-converting funnels. 

And Beyond:

  • Put down the weight and let cutting-edge tech do it for you: Embrace cutting-edge tech solutions that streamline your business model and position you at the forefront of innovation. 
  • Plan. Create. Execute: Develop a robust action plan that translates into tangible success, enabling you to launch your offerings with confidence.​

Your Captain: Catherine B. Roy

Catherine B. Roy

Catherine B. Roy is internationally recognized Business and Personal Growth Coach and Bestselling Author. She is a MENSA member with an IQ > 156 which qualifies her to be in the less than 1% of the human population.

Catherine is a former Forbes Coaches Council Member, also officially certified by the Goldman Sachs 10.000 Women Program and enjoys the distinction of receiving the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in Future at Work, Top 100 Women B2B Thought Leaders, Top 100 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in B2B and Top 30 Under 30 Young Leaders awards.

Catherine is also an experienced business entrepreneur & IT expert for the last 17 years, as well as a linguistics researcher with published scientific works in the fields of communication, speech and media manipulation & psycho-linguistics.

Catherine is certified in the fields of NLP, positive psychology, assertive behavior, emotional behavior and emotional intelligence (EQ).

As the bestselling author of “Live from Your Heart and Mind” which hit the bestseller lists on its release day, Catherine is the guiding force behind the LHM team, its vast community and system for increasing a person’s emotional and intellectual capacity. Catherine’s most popular quote reached 1,2M people in less than 10 hours.

Catherine has only one mission: To help you do what you love and make your dream business flourish.

She loves nature and she has a knack for seeing patterns that others don’t typically notice. In her free time, she loves playing with her son and teasing her husband about his funny English accent.

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